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Family Photo Collage | Custom Ancestor Montage | Old family photos | Memorabilia Collage | Family history | photo art | OOAK Family Tree Art $30.00

Family Montage

Commission a custom photo montage/collage with your photos and family memorabilia created just for you and your family...

View the 1st example included which pays homage to 50 years of marriage of my maternal grandparents. It includes our old family photos showing their life together, their happy couple pictures, layered with my (family) tree and light photos, and culminates in the center with a photograph of their gravestone (a couple holding hands on farmland looking at the sunset)
This is an original, dreamy photomontage comprised of multiple images that reflects a long life and committed marriage together---and lots a wonderful memories.

The 2nd thumbnail example is a custom work for a Mother's Day gift incorporating a handwritten love poem by my Grandfather to my Grandmother surrounded by images of their lives together

This is a one of a kind custom work designed just for you and your family
Your family montage will be a high resolution image which will be provided digitally to you to use and print as you like and as often as you like. The printable file size will be 11x14" 300ppi depending on your preferred format.

Your original work can include 6 to 10 of your personal family photos (without copyrights).
I never have my clients send their original photos. You can send (good/decent quality) pictures of your pictures or scanned files that I will use. I can guide you through this process.
You will need to let me know which pictures should be the most prominent (preferably by numbering file names ex.: 1tommybday, 2tommyonbike etc).
***Remember to consider including pictures of family homes, special locations/places, church, vacation sites, mementos, scanned letters, military or school memorabilia etc.
Upon your approval, and if needed I may use some of my photos as background or unifying elements (such as trees, sunsets, landscapes etc.)

I will email a proof for approval, before the final digital file is sent to you where you have an opportunity to request any modifications.

***The $189 price includes the creation and purchase of a high resolution digital image file of your family montage and 1-11x14" print on premium quality photo paper with archival inks
***I will email the file to you directly when completed***

Please note it is recommended that prints are produced through myself and a professional lab. There are notable quality differences between a "professional photographic lab" and general consumer photo processing.

If you would like additional custom prints of your family artwork on premium quality photo paper with archival inks, you may choose the following when checking out:

$40 for each additional 11x14" prints *when ordering at the same time only*
$30 for each additional 8x10" prints *when ordering at the same time only*
Please inquire for quantity discounts over 4 prints.

***NOTE shipping charges are estimates. Overages over $2 will be refunded.
There is NO shipping charge for the digital file.
For photographic prints:
$7.50 for USPS Priority mail shipping in the U.S.
$20 Shipping to Canada
$25 Shipping everywhere else

Your digital file will include a small semi-transparent watermark identifying me as the maker of your family photo montage, but you have the copyrights to print as often as you like!
Due to the number of hours I will spend editing and creating your one-of-a-kind family artwork, and your opportunity to make changes prior to the finished work, all fees are non-refundable.

Photos are shipped via USPS Priority Mail

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Family Photo Collage | Custom Ancestor Montage | Old family photos | Memorabilia Collage | Family history | photo art | OOAK Family Tree Art