• Wandering... and resting

    Wandering... and resting


    weighed down 

    in fear and vulnerability

    revealed to the vast sky

    from where anything may fall

    yet, only does the harsh sunlight 

    glaring into her squinting eyes

    she retreats to the shadows 

    like a nocturnal animal


    Long after the tangled dream

    still stumbling to escape

    finally a clear path

    into the deep

    dark woods


    She rests

    on her roots

    with the cover 

    of leaves and limbs

    and the peace of the forest

    like a blanket for her weary soul 

  • Thinking of the grandchildren I don't yet have...

    Last days of summer lingering are fading, and I've done a bit of getting thoughts down, but life is a BIG distraction. I guess that's what we all say. Like many, I've been trying to sort through these tumultuous times, not coming up with any solid solutions except maybe one that I'm not a fan of. The "thing" that comes to mind is this: LOVE YOUR ENEMIES. That thought is sadly laughable coming from me, since I don't even like some of my own family members (at times!)...---let alone a perceived barbaric bigot. Yet, I do realize that meeting hate and ignorance with my rage and wrath doesn't solve/heal/fix anything. Perhaps, it even makes it worse. My undeveloped frontal cortex reacts with machete like vengeance. My brain, hours later once some blood and oxygen has made it’s way up, thinks: this is a horrible problem---let's figure a way forward without so much pain and rage... And the way I see it is this: we can choose to perpetuate the cycle, laying the road ahead for our children and theirs, or we can suck it up and do the hard work now. So maybe, future generations can focus on other things--like saving the planet from global warming or curing disease and what not.

    Currently the rage I have seems curiously and excessively over the top---these volcanic feelings seem disproportionate considering my actual safe distance from the goings-on today. Yet, I have always been and felt this way regarding social injustice---a disproportionate rage in relation to how these events actually impact my personal day-to-day life. I'm pretty sure I would be diagnosed one of those "empaths." Regardless, this is how I experience the world. The thought of future grandchildren somewhat terrifies me, as the overwhelming love and protective mother bear mode seems unimaginable. I think some of the rage is connected to this future, and also the past. I feel somehow these crimes and injustices against humanity are buried in our bones. The insufferable pain doesn't seem to die with those who experience it---each following generation carries it. My hope and prayer is this potential solution: love and forgiveness. Seems like a naive, childish dream, yet I know without love and forgiveness, our future will continue the painful cycle.

    The biblical concept which exists also in non-Jewish and Christian spiritual beliefs that have to do firstly with the "sins of our father" that will be cast on his children, reaping what we sow, karma, what goes around comes around, etc. is in fact a thing! It appears that generations back, brutal slave holders may have died without paying their price---but their grandchildren are paying, whether their progeny can comprehend it or not. We all suffer when evil rolls through one generation to the next. In my opinion, only the sociopath or narcissist isn't deeply concerned about this. If you don't care at the very least for your own---you're lost in the pain and darkness you are part of.

    So, I think---I dream of being able to look those who my raging machete wants to hack away, into their eyes and broken raging hearts, and to somehow see beyond that ugliness. In order to have empathy and compassion for them, I have to recognize their pain--and fear. I suppose it has to do with their mothers and fathers, and theirs, going back many generations passing this "sickness" and "disease" onto the next. If I treat these people with compassion and forgiveness, and TURNING the other cheek, MAYBE they will see I'm not their enemy.

    Now, to the side that I am on--at least want to be, but my skin is light, yet my wish is the same. And, I haven't suffered in comparison. Honestly though, the hardest work is here, because well turning the other cheek feels near impossible. My question is this: When we are hating THEM, are we BECOMING THEM? I know my big dream does seem impossible, since both sides have so much pain and rage and hate to overcome. But, I see it as a choice, do we fight with hate and rage in our hearts until we all die an ugly painful death, so that our children and theirs will feel they must continue the battle... Or, do we do the hardest, most seemingly impossible work, and try to LOVE and forgive our enemies now, so maybe--just maybe, our babies and theirs may know peace and hope in their future?

    I've shared this before, but it's worth reflecting on again from Celie in the book The Color Purple by Alice Walker:

    “One day when I was sitting quiet and feeling like a motherless child, which I was, it come to me: that feeling of being part of everything, not separate at all. I knew if I cut a tree, my arm would bleed.”

    LOVE my enemies?!

    Throw Love.

    Heap love.


    Pile it on.

    Bury them with loving-kindness.

    Look ‘em sweetly in the eye and smile.

    Really smile

    See them, inside them,

    with their old crusty cranky

    bitter selves,

    the soft stuff is deep inside,


    buried by pain

    and fear

    and desperation.

    There are roots in there

    that are so thirsty,

    and there are hearts

    that are parched. 

    Drench ‘em with light and love,

    and pray and hope

    for healing

    and growth

  • "Other"


    Couldn't help being overwelmed by the media reporting on the (nerve gas) poisoning of Syrian civilians. The Rottgen Pieta came to mind, apparently in an expression of grief. Sometimes we can't really comprehend a work of art until we sense the emotion with which it was originally created. So here's an ugly, painful, overworked creation that also includes appropriated imagery of Syrian mothers and their children and a barely visible portion of the Scream by Munch, intertwined in a very distorted tree that I admire. I imagine I will continue to rework/overwork this one, as there is no other way to free those sweet baby faces from my mind.

  • Still standing...

    Still standing...

    Wild and Broken Beauty

    Just wanted to share this lovely who appeared to me yesterday on my hike. She looked like she had been whirling around in all her grandeur when she came upon some chaos and had to go into battle. Yet, she still stands determined, sprawling and reaching in all directions soaking up the sun while her roots plunge into the earth (finally) quenching her thirst. She reminds of a strong woman who battled with the world... she's messy and broken, yet absolutely glorious in her beauty and strength.

  • The darkest veil persists...

    The darkest veil persists...

    I am blind, and yet I still hope to see

    It's one of those times where images and ideas pile up, and never seem to sort themselves out at the end of the day. The above is evidence. I imagine though, it is a reflection of the chaos of the times. Each day we are hopeful that some sense will be made of it and life will fall into place, allowing some encouraging light to shine in illuminating the purpose of it all. But, these days the light isn't showing up---buried, snuffed out by the ugly chaotic darkness. I don't mean the lovely darkness of the night. I mean the darkness, airlessness of being buried alive in this earth.  Strangely, I know once I can get all this dirt cleared out of me and the suffocation gives way to some air to inhale, we'll crawl forward, brutalized, yes-- but alive.

    The layering piles of appropriated imagery above are women. Women we all know, Mary, the Mother of God, refugee mothers, ancient goddesses, women hidden in Burqas and the synthetic, manmade female lacquered perfectly shiney for men and their followers to consume. 

    I fell in painful love with the following poem by Warshan Shire. I imagine this is the experience of so many. It is mind-boggling to me that while mothers are clinging to their children on a raft at sea, others prefer to go underwater and muffle all that noise so they can simply consume the plastic, manmade drama on the screen before them.

    "Home" by Warshan Shire

    no one leaves home unless
    home is the mouth of a shark
    you only run for the border
    when you see the whole city running as well

    your neighbors running faster than you
    breath bloody in their throats
    the boy you went to school with
    who kissed you dizzy behind the old tin factory
    is holding a gun bigger than his body
    you only leave home
    when home won’t let you stay.

    no one leaves home unless home chases you
    fire under feet
    hot blood in your belly
    it’s not something you ever thought of doing
    until the blade burnt threats into
    your neck
    and even then you carried the anthem under
    your breath
    only tearing up your passport in an airport toilets
    sobbing as each mouthful of paper
    made it clear that you wouldn’t be going back.

    you have to understand,
    that no one puts their children in a boat
    unless the water is safer than the land
    no one burns their palms
    under trains
    beneath carriages
    no one spends days and nights in the stomach of a truck
    feeding on newspaper unless the miles travelled
    means something more than journey.
    no one crawls under fences
    no one wants to be beaten

    no one chooses refugee camps
    or strip searches where your
    body is left aching
    or prison,
    because prison is safer
    than a city of fire
    and one prison guard
    in the night
    is better than a truckload
    of men who look like your father
    no one could take it
    no one could stomach it
    no one skin would be tough enough

    go home blacks
    dirty immigrants
    asylum seekers
    sucking our country dry
    niggers with their hands out
    they smell strange
    messed up their country and now they want
    to mess ours up
    how do the words
    the dirty looks
    roll off your backs
    maybe because the blow is softer
    than a limb torn off

    or the words are more tender
    than fourteen men between
    your legs
    or the insults are easier
    to swallow
    than rubble
    than bone
    than your child body
    in pieces.
    i want to go home,
    but home is the mouth of a shark
    home is the barrel of the gun
    and no one would leave home
    unless home chased you to the shore
    unless home told you
    to quicken your legs
    leave your clothes behind
    crawl through the desert
    wade through the oceans
    be hunger
    forget pride
    your survival is more important

    no one leaves home until home is a sweaty voice in your ear
    run away from me now
    i dont know what i’ve become
    but i know that anywhere
    is safer than here

    Warsan Shire is a Kenyan-born Somali poet, writer and educator based in London. This poem was found on

  • Floating lightly, finally...

    Sunlit Water and Woods

    The world took its toll

    And grabbed flesh and blood from her

    Until she was near gone



    the current dragged her

    on the other side of light and air


    Until finally

    Floating lightly

    In the cool blue pool

    Face down where the river sleeps

  • I do see...

    St Francis and the Peace Prayer

    Strange and lovely how certain ideas and thoughts come into focus and show up repeatedly in a variety of contexts seemingly at every turn. Is it a divine message, a sign, a simple coincidence, or just a mathematical likelihood... Are you awake and listening? Are you aware or under murky water---head in the fog?

    Ah... but the fog, quiet without all the distracting details and blinding light and noise, gently guides in seeing those overlooked subtle layers of presence. Allow that drizzle of hopefulness...

    There you have been in my garden tending the birds and flowers-- unnoticed for so long, and over there a small icon from Assisi overseeing my home, another appearance in my imagined creation for my Dad's 75th birthday gift, and then in my keepsake drawer I notice you on the back of my beloved Grandma's final prayer card, and suddenly the begging by the angst-filled world repeating your prayers for peace all over social media, and again and again

    The Peace Prayer

    Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace;
    Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
    Where there is injury, pardon;
    Where there is error, the truth;
    Where there is doubt, the faith;
    Where there is despair, hope;
    Where there is darkness, light;
    And where there is sadness, joy.

    O Divine Master,
    Grant that I may not so much seek
    To be consoled, as to console;
    To be understood, as to understand;
    To be loved as to love.

    For it is in giving that we receive;
    It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
    And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen.

    Yes, of course, I do see you and now I remember... you've always been there.

    Giotto's St. Francis on the Path to the Giant Blue Spruce

  • twisted

    days where all was given

    but it never really was

    always a bit in reserve

    she knew there was beauty

    in the ugly

    and in the empty

    cracked wide open

    that could swallow her up

    but no one saw

    and so she felt

    and then she didn't

    quietly twisting  

    in her sorrowful tale

  • Wild Roots

    Wild Roots

    Admiring these roots,

    wildly writhing

    along this woodland path

    wherever nature pulls 

    deep into the dark earth

    crawling into her womb

    all the while supporting growth

    that towers above

    reaching for sunlight 

    Seeking water and life below

    growing in all directions

    wildly, perfectly.

    Obstacles are mere moments

    to overcome

    as stepping stones

    simply seeking and breathing

    light and water

    Yosemite Tree Roots

    Big Sur River and Roots

  • Shadows in my sleep

    Shadows in my sleep

    Once upon a time

    She whispered a thought

    in my mind

    and then I had a glimpse

    of that dream

    bout being lost

    in a memory

    in that deep inner well

    of despair


    I swam

    when I slept

    still felt the shadow

    pass me by

    as the clouds hid the sun

    so I stole a breath of air

    and went to say my good byes


    I found

    was unkind

    I could no longer stay awake

    so I had to simply close

    these tired eyes

  • Her-story. true story is buried in my bones

    Magnolia Plantation

    Been underwater for awhile,

    not in a cool and refreshing way

    deep dark water

    with a sandy, murky bottom

    heavy free fall tumble

    no sense of up or down

    until knees scrape the sand

    heaviness holds me under

    dark and murky

    so very very heavy


    in the distance

    rays of light stream into the water

    illuminating tiny particles

    in their own universe

    just out of reach


    the current let go her grip

    finally a slow float upward

    head above water

    a breath burns

    and the light blinds

    like an old dream

    and my memory disappears

    in the dark water

  • breathing deep nowhere but here

    breathing deep nowhere but here

    forest at my back

    standing on that bluff

    breathing deep

    ocean air

    bringing your mist inside me

    seeing to the edge 

    where the sky catches the water

    beautiful deep clear space

    quiet eternal rhythm 

    breeze and rolling tide

    going nowhere

    but here

  • morning prayer

    morning prayer

    Last sad morning---of vacation… Open days of gently wandering from one intention to the next. Spacious, temporary freedom.

    These are my first thoughts while separating from my warm ever-so-lovely bed. Although I am not ancient, I am old enough to feel the pain of age creeping upon me. Old bones, overused joints aching with my first morning movements into my day.

    As I took my first steps out of bed in the darkness I saw glimpses of the confused life worn man with his dirty, callused fingers frozen, under a mound of trash-picked blankets shivering below the overpass.

    I saw a girl wrapped tight in a fetal position on the dirty mattress dimly lit by a barred window.

    I even saw the long forgotten mutt chained in the backyard in the sub zero cold.

    Although I savor my lovely bed, I think of those who slept out in the cold. I think of those who had a night of abuse and violence. I think of those who tried to sleep, yet the night gave way to that empty gaping hole in their heart from the loss of the one they loved.

    I think how thankful I am for such simple comforts of a warm bed and vacation days where I have time to ponder and reflect upon my gratitude for these luxurious blessings. Oh my bed is wonderful.

    Mostly I remember to offer up prayers for those who suffer. Strangely, their suffering makes my blessings more glaringly apparent. It’s cosmically mysterious how this works. Although I am not experiencing their particular injustices and suffering, and I have all the comforts I need, I experience an aching in my soul for the suffering in this physical world. I guess as long as there is pain and injustice it is felt by all in some manner, at least by those who are conscious.

    I do pray to a God I believe in—--who is LOVE, for the comfort of those suffering. I pray for those to be filled with warmth and light of LOVE... to be covered in peaceful grace... So as to gain some relief from their pain, and to know the light of hope, that the pain is fleeting, although I know when living it, the pain weighs physically eternal.

    I pray that I know for at least this minute I’m not overtaken by that semi filled with pain and heartache—but I know it could be just around the corner. I am thankful.

  • Messy, unperfected thoughts

    Messy, unperfected thoughts

    What hinders love---What hinders life… these things I ponder

    Working towards some ideas for this new year… NO resolutions, just realizing some aspirations=unhindered creating

    It’s been awhile due to being buried by busy-ness, but also in all honesty-- perfectionism. If there is not a complete thought to convey or something perfectly beautiful to share, then the many shreds of dirty laundry pile on, and well, so does my day---and then of course my life.

    So this idea is to perhaps to chip away at this perfectionist creativity killer and just make and write. Let the process be it---rather than viewing the work as it must be perfected and clear and complete otherwise let it float away with the other thoughts, ideas, life.

    So today, it is simply thoughts on gratitude, life’s injustices, and why I allow the petty to usurp so much of me?

    Currently I am bogged down by work obligations, yet so thankful for my job and the energy and life of my students. I am far away from letting that part of my life go.

    On my want to try list is mixed media---which I am in the process of as I write. I keep mulling ideas related to my creative process. Am I making for an example to guide my students, am I making to meet the visual desires of a client, or am I making to simply make---to go with the process and see where it takes me? A stumbling block is trying not to wreck the work in process, but I remind myself most works are failed end products destined to be deleted or boxed in a cabinet. The process is part of this mountain I climb (and actually my life). I need to remember to accept the idea that creating truly is a journey. A lesson learned from an unsuccessful work might get me through a problem in the next.

    Creativity killers: perfectionist voices, ADD=flitting/flashing mental distractions which technology has had a steroidal impact, petty dirty laundry to-do lists. And, not to mention the attention starved puppy pawing at my computer.

    So, here it is, some of my messy writing and a morning in my imperfect life. If it’s not nailed down, then more dust in the wind as the Eagles put it.

    And, I didn’t even get to the injustices.

    In this new year, I will try to let go wherever I can.

  • Celie's words reminded me of my vessel self...

    Celie's words reminded me of my vessel self...

    Found this lovely gem in Sue Monk Kidds’ When the Heart Waits recalling a quote from Celie in the book The Color Purple by Alice Walker:

     “One day when I was sitting quiet and feeling like a motherless child, which I was, it come to me: that feeling of being part of everything, not separate at all. I knew if I cut a tree, my arm would bleed.”

    And so, Celie's words reminded me of my connectedness and vessel self...

    In the dark


    by this tragic world

    buried and held

    inside of me 

    stitched tightly closed 

    across my core


    Overcoming me

    Becoming me

    under this high tide

    pull of the moonlight

    keeps me seeking 


    in a breath of air

    and light

  • This lovely place...

    This lovely place...

    is one I go to often, it's hard to describe in words. In fact, I think I've made an earlier attempt at it--but words don't seem to grasp the undefinable looming energy that is present here. I walk miles of trails in this wilderness park and always start and end here. The path is covered by a canopy of old Live Oaks. A few fallen rest like masterpieces in a sculpture garden reminding of some ancient memory. Most are standing in their wild writhing positions alongside a creekbed revealing their roots to me. Those tangled roots plunge wildly into the earth, chaotic--yet still the underlying structure of what hovers high.

    Regardless of the time of day, the light filters through their cover, awakening my eyes and soul to an inexplicable feeling of awe. Grace looms large and heavy here. If I could only carry it away into the otherworld of daily life with me...

  • Been gone for a while...

    Been gone for a while...

    I'm here, but these voices have been silenced by busy-ness.

    I've been thinking about visual voices--mine aren't so much, when I can't get them nailed down and on the page. They float away and fade, trampled into dust by all this busy-ness and daily chaos.

    Like so many ideas, Maya Angelou wrote it perfectly, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” I'm grateful she took the time to get those voices in her head on paper. Her voice sure speaks to me.

    This image is along a road in Indiana that is my favorite place to walk. It is a quiet place through the trees where the seemingly divine light streams through the leaves. Grace fills me here.


  • Human Heliotropism

    Human Heliotropism

    Human Heliotropism (Jung) =True Self seeking light

    Although Eve's mind was darkened by what she desired,

    the eyes of her soul sought the light that she was told would dawn upon her,

    enlightening her path through the shadows of these woods

  • Sometimes I see...

    Hildegard's Visions

    "I am the supreme fiery force who kindled every living spark. I flame above the beauty of the fields. I shine in the waters. I burn in the sun, moon and stars. With the airy wind, I quicken all things. For the air is alive in the greening and blooming. The waters flow as if alive."  Excerpt from: Illuminations: A Novel of Hildegard Von Bingen, by Mary Sharratt pgs. 49-50


    Sometimes it feels the “Dark Ages” cycle has returned. That near thousand-year period seems to lie under some dark veil, buried in a cursed fog. Yet, underneath the layers of filth and evil are buried gems. Covered in dirt and grime, these gems managed to survive. Hidden jewels still glimmer dimly like colored light struggling to pierce through a gothic rose window, or like the quiet thoughts of an imprisoned Hildegard in a medieval cloister. Those thought and light gems, through soulful determination, still survive. These glimpses of light endure, inspiring hope. Reminding to keep moving, toward that faint glow at the end of the tunnel. That illuminated refuge may take a thousand years, but I still hope and look for it.


    sometimes I can feel the whole world

    the heavy weight of it

    and sometimes I know deep in my soul

    it is but a drop

    in all the ocean

  • Do you SEE anything?

    Jesus: "Do you see anything?" 

    He (Blind man) looked up and said, “I see people; they look like trees walking around.” Mark 8:23-24

    These words jumped out at me many years ago, like I discovered a secret clue buried in ancient biblical text. It made me realize—again, it feels I am only seeing a veiled version of perceived reality. As I walk and hike along these trails like a spectator in the Louvre, these tree forms and textures draw my attention. I continue to take picture after picture trying to capture not just their outward presence, but the enigmatic energy in the atmosphere as well. It reminds me of standing in a soaring gothic cathedral, seeing the cut stones stacked towering impossibly upward, by craftspeople who may not have been able to simply read. Yet, these holy structures still stand monumentally making their mark, reminding of that sacred place hundreds of years ago.

    As I walked through this particular grove, there were many trees attracting my attention. Several were gathered together as if a family gathering had been frozen into wild writhing sculptures. Like the cathedral and the added dimension of jewel like light coming through the stained glass, the sunlight through the leaves and limbs added to the ethereal atmosphere.

    This Sycamore was one of many at the gathering who appeared to look like a tree walking around, reaching upward towards the heavens. So, maybe I am still the blind man. I will continue to keep trying "to see."

  • I learned from a shadow of a tree...

    Dec 21, 1934.

    My Dear Little Son-

    This I learned from the shadow of a tree,

    That back and forth did sway upon the wall,

    Our shadow selves, our influence, may fall 

    Where we may never be,

    Your Mother

    I recently put together this work. Multiple inspirations. During this time of the year in California autumn leaves abound. I find myself constantly looking at the colorful leaves. As I write there is a tree outside my window flashing a colorful exhibit of deep dark reds that only a tree in the Fall can accomplish. Fall is the only season I miss of the Midwest---well Spring is pretty amazing too.

    So, I actually did some "perfect" leaf hunting in my yard and neighborhood. I explain, to clarify my obsession. This leaf I felt was the perfect color and shape, but had bird poop ruining it... further evidence of this craziness... I had to clean the leaf before using.

    I found the poem above in an old autograph book of my grandfather's. The handwriting that I layered into the image was written by my great grandmother to him. The photo in the bottom corner is of them both. I placed all of this on a photo of a road alongside a cornfield leading back to one lone tree in the distance. I tried to bring all the elements together as a visual revelation of passing time and lives, family and memories, and the influence and characteristics that continue on into another's life which are further shared and carried on.

    This work I especially connect to for numerous reasons, not only do I see the metaphor of a tree, roots, branches, leaves as family generations, but also as my role as a teacher to thousands of teenagers over the past decades. To have found this poem by my great-grandmother that references a tree and shadows, and the idea of passing influence was deeply poignant to me. I may be a bit more moved during this nostalgic time of the year, but I must say it is a period of profound gratitude. Gratitude for my roots--my family, but also gratitude for those passing shadows I've encountered in my teaching career. 

    I'm grateful to recently have had a couple dozen students come and visit before our break. Some from just finishing their 1st semester in college to one who was finishing his PhD. in chemistry to recent notes of gratitude from those married with kids of their own. It is a blessing for me to see them spring off into their hopeful futures, but remembering their small roots with me. It is a strange thing to me that a person's act of gratitude and acknowledement fills the other so fully.

    Clearly, by no means am I a poet, but I put a few words together awhile back at the end of the school year that expressed my view on so many of my students---and children. I am grateful my passing shadow was able to fall on a few if only for a short while.

    Little Bird

    Out of the nest, with your wobbly wings

    Awkward, flailing around in a squawking panic

    Crying as your mama hovers anxiously near

    Trying to get you to just flap your wings

    Wings are waiting, strong and ready

    Find the courage in that little beating heart

    Start flappin those wings

    and feel the air below

    Soar freely, above it all

    Fly little bird, fly


  • Light & Life Walking Amongst Trees

    This is a Looking Up view along one of my hikes. This image was found off the Umpqua Scenic Byway in Oregon. We had just driven around the rim of Crater Lake and drove the scenic route to the Pacific Coast. I had seen some beautiful pictures of Tokatee Falls online, so I decided this path was a must to venture. While my husband napped in the shade recuperating from panic attacks caused by driving a trailer around Crater Lake, I wandered off into the forest to view Tokatee Falls. And, as it seems often happens, alone on the trail in the forest I became very aware of the wild beauty carrying on in this lovely place. I found it difficult to capture the thorough essence of a place like this--off the beaten path without any other humans tramping around. Just the deep green woods with heavenly rays of light illuminating my journey. The hike was only a mile or two in, but it took me a while because I couldn't stop trying to capture the light and shadows through the leaves and on the trees. This abstracted view gives a better idea of my experience than what was actually recorded in pixels. Kind of mesmerizing and golden, like a shower of grace.figured I should show my destination, Tokatee Falls, Oregon. Stunningly beautiful with a view from a platform high up in the trees. And next, one glimpse of a lovely old tree hovering over Crater Lake--on which the drive gave my husband great angst--for good reason.

  • Illuminations: St. Mary of the Woods

    This image is my latest creation.  The work has multiple inspirations coming from varied sources. It begins with my love of patterns and quilts which influenced the format. This love of quilts grew out of my upbringing, often by my grandmother who was a wheelin' dealin' antique dealer. Her home was a constant flow of the old and handmade. 

    Another inspiration is my oft-repeated theme of trees and leaves. Currently my vision is in OCD mode with the beautiful autumn leaf colors that seem to be clamoring all around me. I find it mind-blowing how one Crepe Myrtle or Amber Gum tree is a whole universe of artmaking in and of itself. When I start searching for the "perfect" leaf---seemingly always out of my reach, I end up having taken 100's of images… each leaf being its own amazing creation. Yes, it’s crazy but it is as it is...

    Then of course, the tree thing... These particular images of a Live Oak grove show what I consider a magical---it even feels like an almost sacred place. The shady path is such a quiet, spiritual realm its difficult to articulate. It seems like a spiritual vortex of sorts. Of course I've never experienced a "documented" vortex, but this is what I would imagine it to be... I feel some sort of energy/presence/past history along this path. It’s a place that makes me mindful and present and aware. When walking this path it seems I'm walking through a clamoring family gathering of the old shady trees all in their various contortions. There are two bucks who roam there, squirrels, blue jays and ravens amongst the many creatures who stare at me as I wander through. I have taken a good thousand pictures in this space attempting to capture the vibe/essence, but never fully capturing the depth and spirit of the place.

    Finally, the added imagery of Mary and the influence of Medieval nun Hildegard Von Bingen piece... Mary of course the Mother of God; The ultimate compassionate spiritual being. I found this image of her at a historic church in Old Town San Diego. I admire the Virgin Mary Guadalupe, an always colorful version of the vision. Connected to this colorful vision, including the radiating mandorla is my intrigue of the visionary medieval nun, Hildegard von Bingen. The illuminations either created by her, or perhaps a medieval interpretation of her visions are very mandala like and provide a female connection to God in an absolutely Patriarchical existence, makes me believe in this miracle.

    So…this is my attempt at communicating all these connected layers and realms into one unified visual thought.

  • My first speck of a blog...

    My first speck of a blog...

    So... this blogging idea has been haunting me like a dark shadow looming. I will start small. Just a thought or two as to why, why so many damn trees? There is no clear answer except in my pictures. Some of these trees and groves I have taken pictures of over and over again attempting to capture what I see--and perhaps communicating my experience in their (the trees) presence. They seem to have so much history. They are there, present---seemingly watching all this craziness around them. Just watching, like some wise old elder who has lived her life and observes knowingly as we trample through our own.

    There. Finally, a speck of a blog.

  • loooong "About" version...

    loooong "About" version...

    Coming out of the art-making closet and into the digital universe...

    Hello and Welcome to my etsy & virb shop!
    I appreciate you taking the time to look at some of my photography. It’s a bloody miracle that you found me buried deep in the mountainous digital dogpile. I am in the process of creating this shop and will be uploading more as time permits. Most all work is customizable regarding size and surface finish. Please email any questions or requests to
    Clearly I am new at this… the name reveals my lack of understanding all things search engines, PR, marketing and much more. Regarding the name “Lookinforlight,” it is in fact what I do out there in the world. Photo of course means “light,” and I like the ideas and symbols related to the word “light” especially in terms of being illuminated---heart and mind that is. I admire light’s transience---it is there, but often fleeting. Light illuminates and enlightens; it seems to attract and guide my eyes. When it’s not there, I’m lookin’ for it. 
    My work is somewhat diverse as I am visually intrigued by a variety of imagery that I see out there in the world---and some I don’t (see, that is). My early work with film was often focused on capturing ethereal images using infrared film. I am very interested in attempting to capture the varying perceived levels of reality. Infrared film is sensitive to light wavelengths that aren’t visible to our eyes, but are there. I loved the surprises that my film would reveal once processed.
    I find myself drawn to certain images again and again. During pregnancies and early baby-raising years I was completely enthralled with most anything TREES. Leaves, roots, textures, colors, but most of all-- writhing tree forms. My students and kids good-naturedly refer to me at times as the “treelady” (amongst other titles). I realize it may seem strange---and it is, honestly I was (and still am to a certain extent) always looking at and admiring trees. And yes, I often see humanlike forms and qualities in trees. There are tree eyes everywhere if you pay attention. So, often an emphasis on trees, which when I attempt to psychoanalyze seems to have something to do with my interest in what trees often symbolize such as family, ancestors, life cycles, generations, and the ancient past. 
    I am very interested in ancestor and family photos. I create family montages that attempt to convey those in my past and their lives and relationships. I’m interested in the generational continuum and how traits carry on in our lives even after our loved ones have passed. We carry their genes and continue to live out their traits, which become ours and pass along onto the next generation.
    I have been able to give a little more time to my vision and all that is amazing around me. I enjoy walking and hiking in nature. I know many view images of nature as mundane, perhaps even cliché---I get that, but I have to follow my path and currently it’s on seeking lovely light---often in nature. I love light coming in at an angle, dawn and dusk---and diffused, so you’ll notice a repeating theme in much of my nature works. It seems like we often don’t notice things around us when are heads are full of the busy-ness of life. I love to walk and see what is existing---waiting patiently, quietly around us that most often goes unnoticed. Some of these images/places/scenes seem like a living, breathing presence whose depth is beyond a 2-dimensional capture. But, I keep trying.
    Lastly, as I start to notice patterns in my work, I see my attention given at times to what appear to be visual metaphors and/or found juxtapositions. Often I find them humorous and odd in a visual and intellectual manner---so I shoot them ;)
    I understand that many don’t see this place as I do. I encourage my art students, to appreciate each other’s unique vision and perception and chosen path to communicate. I am thankful we are free to make and create as we are uniquely inspired and driven. Thankfully we are not mandated or controlled (as in the past and currently still in some places) by the church or government, upper class or other powers that be to create to their demands. I appreciate the freedom I have about what marks I choose to make in order to communicate my mind and heart about where and who I am. 
    So, if you happen to be wandering around out there in the seemingly infinite digital universe and you miraculously stumble upon this little etsy storefront, I hope you take a moment to see what I see.

    Gratefully, MeT