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  • loooong "About" version...

    loooong "About" version...

    Coming out of the art-making closet and into the digital universe...

    Hello and Welcome to my etsy & virb shop!
    I appreciate you taking the time to look at some of my photography. It’s a bloody miracle that you found me buried deep in the mountainous digital dogpile. I am in the process of creating this shop and will be uploading more as time permits. Most all work is customizable regarding size and surface finish. Please email any questions or requests to
    Clearly I am new at this… the name reveals my lack of understanding all things search engines, PR, marketing and much more. Regarding the name “Lookinforlight,” it is in fact what I do out there in the world. Photo of course means “light,” and I like the ideas and symbols related to the word “light” especially in terms of being illuminated---heart and mind that is. I admire light’s transience---it is there, but often fleeting. Light illuminates and enlightens; it seems to attract and guide my eyes. When it’s not there, I’m lookin’ for it. 
    My work is somewhat diverse as I am visually intrigued by a variety of imagery that I see out there in the world---and some I don’t (see, that is). My early work with film was often focused on capturing ethereal images using infrared film. I am very interested in attempting to capture the varying perceived levels of reality. Infrared film is sensitive to light wavelengths that aren’t visible to our eyes, but are there. I loved the surprises that my film would reveal once processed.
    I find myself drawn to certain images again and again. During pregnancies and early baby-raising years I was completely enthralled with most anything TREES. Leaves, roots, textures, colors, but most of all-- writhing tree forms. My students and kids good-naturedly refer to me at times as the “treelady” (amongst other titles). I realize it may seem strange---and it is, honestly I was (and still am to a certain extent) always looking at and admiring trees. And yes, I often see humanlike forms and qualities in trees. There are tree eyes everywhere if you pay attention. So, often an emphasis on trees, which when I attempt to psychoanalyze seems to have something to do with my interest in what trees often symbolize such as family, ancestors, life cycles, generations, and the ancient past. 
    I am very interested in ancestor and family photos. I create family montages that attempt to convey those in my past and their lives and relationships. I’m interested in the generational continuum and how traits carry on in our lives even after our loved ones have passed. We carry their genes and continue to live out their traits, which become ours and pass along onto the next generation.
    I have been able to give a little more time to my vision and all that is amazing around me. I enjoy walking and hiking in nature. I know many view images of nature as mundane, perhaps even cliché---I get that, but I have to follow my path and currently it’s on seeking lovely light---often in nature. I love light coming in at an angle, dawn and dusk---and diffused, so you’ll notice a repeating theme in much of my nature works. It seems like we often don’t notice things around us when are heads are full of the busy-ness of life. I love to walk and see what is existing---waiting patiently, quietly around us that most often goes unnoticed. Some of these images/places/scenes seem like a living, breathing presence whose depth is beyond a 2-dimensional capture. But, I keep trying.
    Lastly, as I start to notice patterns in my work, I see my attention given at times to what appear to be visual metaphors and/or found juxtapositions. Often I find them humorous and odd in a visual and intellectual manner---so I shoot them ;)
    I understand that many don’t see this place as I do. I encourage my art students, to appreciate each other’s unique vision and perception and chosen path to communicate. I am thankful we are free to make and create as we are uniquely inspired and driven. Thankfully we are not mandated or controlled (as in the past and currently still in some places) by the church or government, upper class or other powers that be to create to their demands. I appreciate the freedom I have about what marks I choose to make in order to communicate my mind and heart about where and who I am. 
    So, if you happen to be wandering around out there in the seemingly infinite digital universe and you miraculously stumble upon this little etsy storefront, I hope you take a moment to see what I see.

    Gratefully, MeT