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  • Do you SEE anything?

    Jesus: "Do you see anything?" 

    He (Blind man) looked up and said, “I see people; they look like trees walking around.” Mark 8:23-24

    These words jumped out at me many years ago, like I discovered a secret clue buried in ancient biblical text. It made me realize—again, it feels I am only seeing a veiled version of perceived reality. As I walk and hike along these trails like a spectator in the Louvre, these tree forms and textures draw my attention. I continue to take picture after picture trying to capture not just their outward presence, but the enigmatic energy in the atmosphere as well. It reminds me of standing in a soaring gothic cathedral, seeing the cut stones stacked towering impossibly upward, by craftspeople who may not have been able to simply read. Yet, these holy structures still stand monumentally making their mark, reminding of that sacred place hundreds of years ago.

    As I walked through this particular grove, there were many trees attracting my attention. Several were gathered together as if a family gathering had been frozen into wild writhing sculptures. Like the cathedral and the added dimension of jewel like light coming through the stained glass, the sunlight through the leaves and limbs added to the ethereal atmosphere.

    This Sycamore was one of many at the gathering who appeared to look like a tree walking around, reaching upward towards the heavens. So, maybe I am still the blind man. I will continue to keep trying "to see."