• Messy, unperfected thoughts

    Messy, unperfected thoughts

    What hinders love---What hinders life… these things I ponder

    Working towards some ideas for this new year… NO resolutions, just realizing some aspirations=unhindered creating

    It’s been awhile due to being buried by busy-ness, but also in all honesty-- perfectionism. If there is not a complete thought to convey or something perfectly beautiful to share, then the many shreds of dirty laundry pile on, and well, so does my day---and then of course my life.

    So this idea is to perhaps to chip away at this perfectionist creativity killer and just make and write. Let the process be it---rather than viewing the work as it must be perfected and clear and complete otherwise let it float away with the other thoughts, ideas, life.

    So today, it is simply thoughts on gratitude, life’s injustices, and why I allow the petty to usurp so much of me?

    Currently I am bogged down by work obligations, yet so thankful for my job and the energy and life of my students. I am far away from letting that part of my life go.

    On my want to try list is mixed media---which I am in the process of as I write. I keep mulling ideas related to my creative process. Am I making for an example to guide my students, am I making to meet the visual desires of a client, or am I making to simply make---to go with the process and see where it takes me? A stumbling block is trying not to wreck the work in process, but I remind myself most works are failed end products destined to be deleted or boxed in a cabinet. The process is part of this mountain I climb (and actually my life). I need to remember to accept the idea that creating truly is a journey. A lesson learned from an unsuccessful work might get me through a problem in the next.

    Creativity killers: perfectionist voices, ADD=flitting/flashing mental distractions which technology has had a steroidal impact, petty dirty laundry to-do lists. And, not to mention the attention starved puppy pawing at my computer.

    So, here it is, some of my messy writing and a morning in my imperfect life. If it’s not nailed down, then more dust in the wind as the Eagles put it.

    And, I didn’t even get to the injustices.

    In this new year, I will try to let go wherever I can.