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  • Light & Life Walking Amongst Trees

    This is a Looking Up view along one of my hikes. This image was found off the Umpqua Scenic Byway in Oregon. We had just driven around the rim of Crater Lake and drove the scenic route to the Pacific Coast. I had seen some beautiful pictures of Tokatee Falls online, so I decided this path was a must to venture. While my husband napped in the shade recuperating from panic attacks caused by driving a trailer around Crater Lake, I wandered off into the forest to view Tokatee Falls. And, as it seems often happens, alone on the trail in the forest I became very aware of the wild beauty carrying on in this lovely place. I found it difficult to capture the thorough essence of a place like this--off the beaten path without any other humans tramping around. Just the deep green woods with heavenly rays of light illuminating my journey. The hike was only a mile or two in, but it took me a while because I couldn't stop trying to capture the light and shadows through the leaves and on the trees. This abstracted view gives a better idea of my experience than what was actually recorded in pixels. Kind of mesmerizing and golden, like a shower of grace.figured I should show my destination, Tokatee Falls, Oregon. Stunningly beautiful with a view from a platform high up in the trees. And next, one glimpse of a lovely old tree hovering over Crater Lake--on which the drive gave my husband great angst--for good reason.