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  • Illuminations: St. Mary of the Woods

    This image is my latest creation.  The work has multiple inspirations coming from varied sources. It begins with my love of patterns and quilts which influenced the format. This love of quilts grew out of my upbringing, often by my grandmother who was a wheelin' dealin' antique dealer. Her home was a constant flow of the old and handmade. 

    Another inspiration is my oft-repeated theme of trees and leaves. Currently my vision is in OCD mode with the beautiful autumn leaf colors that seem to be clamoring all around me. I find it mind-blowing how one Crepe Myrtle or Amber Gum tree is a whole universe of artmaking in and of itself. When I start searching for the "perfect" leaf---seemingly always out of my reach, I end up having taken 100's of images… each leaf being its own amazing creation. Yes, it’s crazy but it is as it is...

    Then of course, the tree thing... These particular images of a Live Oak grove show what I consider a magical---it even feels like an almost sacred place. The shady path is such a quiet, spiritual realm its difficult to articulate. It seems like a spiritual vortex of sorts. Of course I've never experienced a "documented" vortex, but this is what I would imagine it to be... I feel some sort of energy/presence/past history along this path. It’s a place that makes me mindful and present and aware. When walking this path it seems I'm walking through a clamoring family gathering of the old shady trees all in their various contortions. There are two bucks who roam there, squirrels, blue jays and ravens amongst the many creatures who stare at me as I wander through. I have taken a good thousand pictures in this space attempting to capture the vibe/essence, but never fully capturing the depth and spirit of the place.

    Finally, the added imagery of Mary and the influence of Medieval nun Hildegard Von Bingen piece... Mary of course the Mother of God; The ultimate compassionate spiritual being. I found this image of her at a historic church in Old Town San Diego. I admire the Virgin Mary Guadalupe, an always colorful version of the vision. Connected to this colorful vision, including the radiating mandorla is my intrigue of the visionary medieval nun, Hildegard von Bingen. The illuminations either created by her, or perhaps a medieval interpretation of her visions are very mandala like and provide a female connection to God in an absolutely Patriarchical existence, makes me believe in this miracle.

    So…this is my attempt at communicating all these connected layers and realms into one unified visual thought.